The Whimsical Cat

Duchess and her mesmerizing eyes.

Duchess was adopted from the Rancho Cucamonga Humane Society in 2014. Rancho Cucamonga Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, which is why Duchess was able to live in the shelter for 1 year before being adopted. She was 2 years old when adopted and ran straight into her owner's lap when let out of the shelter cage.

Duchess was an unusual cat in that she was super loving, loved giving kisses, played fetch, and could even turn light switches on and off. She enjoyed basking in the garden and munching on leaves. Her favorite toy was a pink striped mouse.

Duchess lived to be 8 years old, when she was suddenly taken from the world. She leaves behind her owner Kaity, her dog-sister Kona, and her bunny-brother Valentino.

A picture of a cat on a cat tree.
A picture of a cat and her owner.
A picture of a cat sleeping.
A picture of a cat.